Q Acoustics Q-TV2 Home Cinema System

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Q-TV2 is for 30″ to 42″ screen sizes – for larger screens CALL US on 01563 526029

Born out of a passion for perfection, the Q-TV2 will transform the way you enjoy your TV, with minimal aesthetic impact. This system is barely noticeable once attached to the rear of your TV (which by-the-way takes just minutes) all you can see are the discreet, stylish left and right speakers situated either side of your TV – which adjust to fit any 30″ – 42″ screen. While the ultra-flat, vibration-free subwoofer is located behind the TV, completing this outstanding 2.1 system.

Q-TV2 from Q Acoustics. The first truly discreet, 2.1 HD Sound upgrade for Flatscreen televisions. Q-TV2 delivers fabulous stereo sound with real bass but with minimal visual impact. It’s unobtrusive and supremely easy to install, yet boasts 100 watts of amplification, driving eight advanced technology loudspeakers in stylish left and right stereo enclosures and an integrated vibration-free, ultra-slim subwoofer.

An unobtrusive speaker system, delivering ‘HD cinema sound’ for all 30″ – 42″ flatscreen TVs.

  • Experience wonderful, dynamic movie soundtracks from your DVDs.
  • Play CDs on your DVD player and hear full stereo sound.
  • At last you will be able to enjoy the quality of noise free digital radio stations from your TV, as well as bring computer games to life.
  • Lastly, we didn’t forget iPods/MP3 players, there’s a spare input so you can play these through
    Q-TV2 as well.

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