Bose® Acoustimass® 5 Stereo Speaker System

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Acoustimass® 5 stereo speaker system

You really have to listen to Bose products in person to appreciate the truly amazing sound experience so for this reason we do not sell them online.

When you buy from us you can expect the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We’ll do everything we can to guarantee that your experience is the best it can be. Call in and speak to one of our Bose Specialists for an In-Store Demonstration, and to find out about our Delivery, Installation, & After Sales Service.

  • Our popular 2-speaker Acoustimass® system for stereo sound in larger rooms
  • Designed for use with your stereo or home cinema receiver
  • Two Direct/Reflecting® cube speakers and an Acoustimass® module
  • Can also be used for rear speakers as part of component home cinema set up

Your favourite musical performances take centre stage with our popular stereo speaker system. The Acoustimass® 5 speaker system works with your home stereo components so you enjoy the spacious performance you might expect from much larger speakers. In a home theatre component set up, this Bose® speaker system is also an appropriate choice for the surround speaker system rear channel.

Connect this speaker system to the rear channel outputs of your home theatre equipment, and enjoy the same superb sound quality from your movies and your music.

Two Direct/Reflecting® cube speaker arrays deliver the warmth and emotion of string and wind instruments. Those sounds are lifelike and spacious thanks to Direct/Reflecting® cube speaker arrays. With a blend of reflected and direct sound, this innovative Bose technology approximates the way sound reaches your ears during a live performance. You experience the richness of your favourite music from almost anywhere in the room.

The Acoustimass® module produces dramatic low tones without audible distortion and can be hidden behind furniture. Music and movie effects all seem to come from the small cube speakers, rather than the hideaway module.

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