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How to mount a TV on a wall

One of the best things about having new style, flat screen TV is the ability to mount it right on the wall. Here are our top tips for mounting a TV – DISCLAIMER! We’re assuming you have the right tools, and the correct mount for your brand and size of TV. If in any doubt, call in a professional (like the team at J H Donald!). We accept no responsibility for accidents that happen as a result of following the instructions below…clear? OK, let’s go:
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What’s so great about 3D TV?

3D TV technology has jumped forward in the last few years – but why are so many people choosing it and is it really worth the investment?

More immersive viewing

If you enjoyed watching films such as Star Wars or The Hobbit trilogy at the cinema in 3D, then you can get a similar experience at home with a 3D TV. You’ll need to wear special glasses to watch it, and buy the appropriate Blu-Ray or DVD copies, but it provides an immersive viewing experience for the whole family.

How does 3D TV work?

3D TVs polarise the original pictures into separate images. Without the special 3D glasses, the picture appears blurry but with the glasses, the separate images are directed to either your right or left eye, creating the impression of depth.

Screen size

You can get 3D on a wide range of TVs to suit all budgets, but to really enjoy the experience go for as big a screen as your room, and budget, will allow for. 3D can work well on a small TV, but for the best experience, we’d recommend 40-inches or larger.

Viewing distance

Believe it or not, there is a formula to work out the best place to sit to watch 3D TV! Measure two and a half times the height of your TV’s screen, and then ensure you’re sitting that distance away from the set.