The advantages of using a slow cooker

Although a slow cooker is not meant for every cooking activity, it possesses a lot of benefits – for both your health and your bank balance! Here are just a few of the benefits of using a slow cooker: (more…)

Reasons to choose built-in kitchen appliances

Built-in appliances are versatile and smoothly integrate with your kitchen decor.  With little or no gaps for dirt and dust to be trapped in, they are simple to clean as well.

In-built models are a flexible addition to your kitchen as they can be installed at different levels – for instance at eye-level, in-column or beneath worktops.  This in turn can make food preparation considerably easier, and free up floor space in the process.

If you do not have enough room for freestanding appliances and you want make use of a compact kitchen space then, integrated appliances are perfect. Here are a few other reasons why we think they are a great choice: (more…)

How to mount a TV on a wall

One of the best things about having new style, flat screen TV is the ability to mount it right on the wall. Here are our top tips for mounting a TV – DISCLAIMER! We’re assuming you have the right tools, and the correct mount for your brand and size of TV. If in any doubt, call in a professional (like the team at J H Donald!). We accept no responsibility for accidents that happen as a result of following the instructions below…clear? OK, let’s go:

Four unusual things to clean in your dishwasher!

A recent report found that only 41.9% of UK households have a dishwasher in their home – compared to 69% and 63% in Germany and France. What do they know that we don’t? Well, perhaps it’s that you can use a dishwasher for more than just washing dishes! Here are some great examples from Euronics:

energy efficiency

A guide to energy ratings on appliances

The EU energy labels can be commonly seen on home appliances these days.  They are found on a wide selection of white goods and other products too. These labels are designed to help the customer see the energy efficiency of a model compared to other similar models.  But what do the energy labels really tell us about an item?

Most new appliances only come with A+++ (most efficient), A++, A+ and A (least efficient). Older models however will run from A+++ to D, so it is good to be aware of this difference. The efficiency is measured through how many kWh the machine uses annually. Depending on the appliance, the label will also include other information. On a washing machine for a example, you can find out the water consumption, capacity and spin drying efficiency. (more…)

3 months FREE Finish when you buy ANY Beko dishwasher

Banner-Promo-Finish-PromotionDid you know that you could save time and make life easier by using an efficient, modern dishwasher, instead of washing by hand?

Beko dishwashers are an essential addition to every kitchen, helping save time and providing a more hygienic alternative to washing by hand.

To get the very best out of your dishwasher you need an advanced detergent and Finish Quantum is recommended by Beko for an amazing shine and clean. That’s why if you purchase any Beko dishwasher between 1st February and 14th March 2016 you can claim a 3 months supply of Finish Quantum absolutely free.

Make a Claim.

How does a self-cleaning oven work?

It sounds like something from Back to the Future – self-lacing boots, hover boards and self-cleaning ovens may all be in the public domain but only the latter is a reliable, affordable gadget! You won’t have to tirelessly scrub your oven, or use harsh cleaning chemicals, thanks to Neff’s pyrolytic self-cleaning programme.

So how does it work?

High temperatures and a lack of oxygen break down grime and grease into ash, allowing you to simply wipe it away. Our self-cleaning ovens are equipped with a Pyrolytic self-cleaning feature. At the touch of a button, its internal temperature reaches up to 500°C.

The system locks the door throughout the self-cleaning process, and cool down afterwards, so all grease, stains, marks, and burns are turned to dust in a safe and hygienic way. It’s as simple as that.

This invaluable feature will cut your cleaning time dramatically – select the programme, then once it’s done, allow the oven to cool before you wipe it down. Allowing the cavity to cool is really important!

Take a look at one of our Neff Self-cleaning ovens for yourself, or visit us in store to find out more.

Drop your energy bills without turning down the heating!

The Scottish winter seems to have got a second wind (excuse the pun) and most of us will start to feel the pinch as we have our heating on more than we expected this year. We’re all too conscious of how much it costs to stay warm, so we’ve come up with two unexpected ways you can save money elsewhere and still stay toasty! (more…)

Are you Making these Laundry Mistakes?

Doing the laundry isn’t as simple as grabbing an armful of dirty clothes, pouring in a random amount of detergent and pressing go.  But to make your life easier, Euronics have created a list of the most common mistakes people make when doing the laundry, and we’ve chosen our favourites. By fixing them, you could save time and money. (more…)

The look of love – Red Smeg Range!

smeg-redIt’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day, and red is very much the colour of this special day!  We think that these gorgeous colour matched Smeg appliances are the perfect way to celebrate.

These now famous retro-styled appliances are available in a wide range of colours and styles.  View all of our Smeg range here.

Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?

599.jpgEvery January, most of us go through the same thing. We make our New Years’ resolutions, with the best intentions – only to drop them a few weeks later. Well, it’s fast approaching the end of January and we’re here to help you reboot your healthy eating resolution!

After over-indulging at the holidays, we all want to get back to taking better care of ourselves, whether that means losing weight or getting our 5 fruit and veg a day. The key to keeping resolutions is to introduce them gradually into your life, in a way that’s realistic and sustainable – and that won’t make you want to give up entirely if you’ve slipped.

One simple way to start is to discover fun and delicious ways to increase your fruit and veg intake. Once you start experimenting with different combinations and flavours, you may find it hard to stop – and you’ll soon be meeting your 5 a day with no problem!

One fantastic way to boost your nutrition  is with smoothies. Mixing fruit and yoghurt together offers limitless possibilities, and as a bonus, the sweetness and creamy texture satisfy your sweettooth too! Check out our selection of mixers and blenders, such as the ever popular Smeg Retro Blender or the Bosch Food Prcessor, to find the right appliance for you.

If smoothies aren’t your thing, why not make some tasty fresh juice with one of our Bosch juicers?  Or even some delicious soup to your own design with the super clever Morphy Richards Soup Maker?

Remember not to get discouraged, and to make small changes that you can maintain. Before you know it, you’ll be eating healthier, with no loss of flavour or fun!


Is this the best Bluetooth speaker?

The Bose SoundLink Mini II, comes in two colours – Carbon and Pearl – and aims to fix a few of the original Mini’s shortcomings while adding a few new features, including a longer battery life.

The new lightweight model looks nearly identical to its predecessor, still sleek and very sharp looking.  It now has a built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities, and the speaker now charges via a standard USB cable rather than a proprietary AC adapter. (more…)

What’s so great about 3D TV?

3D TV technology has jumped forward in the last few years – but why are so many people choosing it and is it really worth the investment?

More immersive viewing

If you enjoyed watching films such as Star Wars or The Hobbit trilogy at the cinema in 3D, then you can get a similar experience at home with a 3D TV. You’ll need to wear special glasses to watch it, and buy the appropriate Blu-Ray or DVD copies, but it provides an immersive viewing experience for the whole family.

How does 3D TV work?

3D TVs polarise the original pictures into separate images. Without the special 3D glasses, the picture appears blurry but with the glasses, the separate images are directed to either your right or left eye, creating the impression of depth.

Screen size

You can get 3D on a wide range of TVs to suit all budgets, but to really enjoy the experience go for as big a screen as your room, and budget, will allow for. 3D can work well on a small TV, but for the best experience, we’d recommend 40-inches or larger.

Viewing distance

Believe it or not, there is a formula to work out the best place to sit to watch 3D TV! Measure two and a half times the height of your TV’s screen, and then ensure you’re sitting that distance away from the set.

Best Side by Side Double Door Fridge Freezers

Choosing a new fridge freezer can be challenging. To make the job simpler we have put together a list of our favourite fridge freezers. Remember, our entire range of side-by-side double door fridges come with a warranty of at least 2 years! So, in no particular order, let’s have a look. (more…)

Welcome to our new website

JH Donald & CentrumWEB have just launched JH Donald’s NEW WEBSITE…..although only having a small sample of what is available IN STORE there will often be SPECIAL ONLINE ONLY OFFERS.
Ricardo Togneri, General Manager.



Black Friday – Weekend Sale

Black Friday is usually a one-day event where retailers have amazing deals on offer. We’ve broken our rules with our Black Friday to Cyber Monday mega sale! Discover offers on big brand electricals at great prices – over an incredible FOUR DAYS. We’re almost giving away these items, but can only offer a limited number of each. You’ll have to react at warp speed to grab a great deal. (more…)


Keep Warm this Winter

Even the best central heating system will struggle if your home is giving more heat out than it is keeping in, so here are some simple things that you can do to keep your home warm this winter.

  1. Make sure your Boiler is at its best



10 Professional Design Tips for Your Living Room

It’s usually the room where the whole family spends the most amount of time together, but that also means it sees the most amount of wear, junk and mess!  Here are our top ten design tips for creating the perfect living room for your family. (more…)


JH Donald Service – why choose us?

At JH Donald, we believe that you get all the high quality service you expect from a local retailer, with the low prices and wide range of a large high street chain.

Knowledge & experienceOur own highly trained staff provide an unbeatable service to every customer, offering the benefit of their extensive experience in the industry.


How much does a dishwasher cost to run?

There are a lot of every day urban legends that people believe – like tea has more caffeine than coffee.  Or that goldfish only have 3 second memory…or that dishwashers are expensive to run. The truth is, they aren’t.


Bosch have put together this video to show exactly how much it costs to run a cycle, including the water, electricity and detergent. It’s a lot less than you might think. (more…)


Panasonic at CES 2012

The Electronics Show CES 2012 officially kicks off in Las Vegas tomorrow, Tuesday 10th January. Panasonic, in addition to the image and sound enhancing technologies behind the True to Cinema Quality, Full-HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ players will show more models with easy operation and networking functions such as Ultra Fast Booting & Loading and Skype.
Panasonic is pleased to provide 12 new applications and 2 updates to its’ enhanced cloud-based internet service (Broadband connection required) VIERA Connect. VIERA Connect allows users to enjoy a range of other services, such as sports, health & fitness activities, interactive games and a variety of other contents in addition to the standard movies and television programmes on a high-quality large-screen TV through the simple operation of a remote control.

The new services cover a range of genres, including video on demand, video service, catch-up TV, music service, social networking, news & lifestyle, health & fitness and games – catering for varying consumer interests


Best Prices on Plasma TV’s, LCD TV’s & LED TV’s ?

Best Prices on Plasma TV’s, LCD TV’s & LED TV’s ?
In this modern day of “cheap” LCD TV’s, “best priced” Plasma TV’s & the cheapest prices on LED TV’s we don’t realise how cheap they really are.
Donalds have been in business over 60 years and in that time prices seem to have continually dropped.

A ‘High Spec’ TV that sold for 69 Guineas would sell for about £1500 today when inflation is taken in to account. That just shows how good value most electrical goods are today. However the customer really has to take care as many products are not built to last.

Buyers often forget that CHEAPEST is not always the best. More often than not when Delivery Charges, Installation Costs, Prices of HDMI cables & Extended Warranties are added on the buyer often pays more than if the had bought from a local retailer.
For the Best Deal (Package) in Ayrshire come to Donald’s and remember:

Our own highly trained staff technicians provide an unbeatable service on TELEVISIONS, A/V EQUPMENT and DOMESTIC APPLIANCES.

We pledge the same day house calls in most areas if the call is made before 10am and we are Ayrshires`s only manufacturer trained LCD / Plasma repair specialists.

We are Recognised Service Agents for AEG, BENDIX, BLOMBERG, ELECTROLUX, FINLUX, GORENJE, JVC, LG, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SMEG, and PANASONIC, and can also repair most major brands.


Competition Time

Its competition time.

Here at JH Donald we are giving all of our customers a chance to win fantastic prizes between now and the 4th of May 2012.

For Entry into our free prize draw all you have to do is use the quick form on the contact us page and put the comment “WIRED FOR SOUND” in the comments/enquiry box. Your name will be entered into the draw and the winners will be contacted and announced on Friday 4th May 2012

You can win these Bose IE2 Audio Headphones worth £85

Or you could win this Panasonic SC-HC15 Compact Stereo System worth £99.99

For facebook fans to get wired for sound with this fantastic giveaway all you have to do is “like” the JH Donald Facebook page, “like” the prize draw competition and “Share” the competition. For every action you perform you will receive an entry into this excellent prize draw which runs until May 4th 2012.

2 lucky winners will be picked at random from each prize draw. Good Luck and start sharing!

Like our Facebook Page Here


Reconditioned Domestic Appliances from £39.00

Reconditioned Washing Machines from £99, Reconditioned Tumble Dryers from £39, Reconditioned Cookers from £89.

With over 60 year’s experience, JH Donald specialise in renting washing machines, tumble dryers & cookers to customers who like to renew there appliances regularly.

We therefore have a good supply of fairly new, quality reconditioned, washing machines and other white appliances at extremely competitive prices.It is much better to buy a quality ex-rental machine from us than a new budget new one. Just think of the many happy motorists who buy a quality used car instead of spending the same money on an inferior new model.

All our appliances are inspected for excessive wear and tear, broken or damaged parts, ones that don’t meet our rigorous standards are processed and environmentally recycled. Worn parts are replaced by qualified, manufacturer trained, engineers and the appliances are fully tested for operation and safety.


Discounted LCD/Plasma/LED TV Repairs

Telly On The Blink

The telly is on the blink – an old saying that goes back to the late 1800s and possibly alludes to a faulty electric light that flickers on and off “blinks”

Television & Technology

Thankfully it’s not the 1800’s and the technology of the humble television set has came light years from the first invention to what we now have in pride of place in the modern living room, some even hang on walls!

What Can A Modern Television Do?

Nowadays you can do everything from your television, like watch a million channels (or what seems like a million channels) record shows and series link at the touch of a button, pause live TV (pause live TV! You can just hear your old grandfather incredulously think you’re mad) Surf the net and stream movies. Yes folk’s technology is taking over even the humble television.

LCD/Plasma/LED Repair Experts

The advance in television technology needs the expertise and understanding it takes to repair a faulty LCD, Plasma or LED television.

Ayrshire TV Repair Centre

JH Donald is Ayrshire’s local TV repair Centre. We will repair Plasma, LCD and LED televisions at our local repair centre based in Hurlford, Ayrshire. Our Technicians are busy repairing all makes and models of television on a daily basis, this includes Panasonic, Philips, Bush, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Sanyo, LG and JVC and any other make or model on today’s market.

Quick Television Repair

So whether you have purchased your TV from JH Donald or elsewhere, it doesn’t matter, we have the skilled engineers and technicians who will have your Plasma, LCD or LED TV repaired and back in your home quickly. We won’t be beaten for response time or accurate assessment of the problem, this is the level of service that has kept thousands of households in Ayrshire coming back over the years.

TV Repair Special Offer

We always offer SPECIAL, DISCOUNTED, REPAIR RATES to customers who have bought the goods from us. But as a LIMITED OFFER we are offering everyone £20 off all LCD, Plasma and LED television repairs, that way you can experience firsthand the level of service and commitment we have shown all our of customers over the last 60 years.

Printable Coupon Version

More Special Offers

In addition to this special offer we have other Instore Voucher Offers which you may want to take advantage of.


Discounted White Goods Call Out Charges

White Goods Repair Service

There is nothing worse when a dishwasher, washing machine, cooker or tumble dryer is not operating the way it should, the amount of hassle any one of these white goods breaking causes can be quite stressful in any household, especially when the kids want spaghetti shapes and the cooker won’t play ball, or the wife is complaining about the “mountain” of washing thats piling up comparing it to Mount Everest or the dishwasher is refusing to work (no need to insert any jokes)

Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Cooker or Tumble Dryer Repair

Luckily there is more to JH Donald than just selling electrical goods in Ayrshire. We have skilled engineers and technicians who are accredited to repair all white goods makes and models. Our after sales service is second to none and we won’t be beaten for response time or accurate assessment of the problem, this is the level of service that has kept thousands of households in Ayrshire ticking over the years.

All Makes, All Models

Our white goods repair service extends to manufacturers such as Panasonic, Smeg, Gorenje, Blomberg, AEG, Toshiba, Sanyo, LG and Beko to name but a few. We repair dishwashers, cookers, washing machines and tumble dryers whatever the make, whatever the model!

Special Offer

So why are we telling you this? Here at JH Donald we like to reward our customers with special offers, but what we also like to do is win the custom of people who have maybe never used our extended service offering. We are your local white goods repair team, an Independent Ayrshire company with over 60 years of getting it right.

Discounted Call Out Charges

We always offer SPECIAL, DISCOUNTED, REPAIR RATES to customers who have bought the goods from us. But as a LIMITED OFFER we are offering everyone £20 off our standard call out charge, so if the washing machine needs repaired or the dishwasher, tumble dryer or cooker needs expert care and attention use our £20 off standard call out voucher and let the experts take care of the problem.

Printable Coupon Version

More Special Offers

In addition to this special offer we have other Instore Voucher Offers which you may want to take advantage of.


LG Washing Machines

You don’t have to go as far as Saudi !
LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its Prime Series of front loaders with innovative six motions washing in Saudi Arabia. Part of LG front loaders range – washer, combo and steam – the Prime Series comes in three models with unique designs and innovative features.
The inverter direct drive motor technology saves up to 30 percent electricity and 40 percent  water. The core technology of the inverter direct drive motor is directly linked to lesser parts within the motor granting the washing machine longer life, less noise and less vibration.
The DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR is guaranteed for 10 Years and the machines are SERVICED BY US.

Blomberg 3 Year Warranty

Our EXCLUSIVE washing machines combine great performance with an exquisite design, Blomberg washing machines bring a new dimension to laundry care. Designed to provide perfect wash results with the most efficient use of energy and water, Blomberg washing machines are stylish, high performing and easy to use.

The dishwasher provides AAA performance, maximum safety and flexibility, the Blomberg dishwasher will be the perfect assistant in your kitchen.

7 Refrigeration products welcome in the world of Blomberg cooling and freezing, where hygiene and technology meet to provide the best environment for your food. We cannot think of a better place to keep your food safe and fresh.

3 year warranty

All Blomberg appliances have a 3 – year warranty as standard to give you complete peace of mind.

environmentally friendly

Minimum energy consumption
Every Blomberg product is A+ energy efficient, consuming 10% less energy then “A” class standard


JH Donald New Website In Development

JH Donald & CentrumWEB are busy preparing JH Donald’s NEW WEBSITE…..although only having a small sample of what is available IN STORE there will often be SPECIAL ONLINE ONLY OFFERS.
Ricardo Togneri

The Big Storm

The West of Scotland was getting back to normal today after being battered and beaten yesterday as hurricane-force winds caused chaos and left a trail of destruction.

The worst storm in 25 years, with gales of up to 165mph, miraculously caused no deaths or serious injuries.

Although there was widespread disruption and traffic problems JH Donald managed to deliver to all their expectant customers reminding us of the old saying: ”Through rain or sleet or dark of night, the delivery must get through.”
The other news of the day is that JH Donald Ltd launched their new website at
The website shows only a fraction of what is available IN STORE but does also have some SPECIAL ONLINE ONLY OFFERS.